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CedarFX Review

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Trading Forex has become a dynamic and crucial part of the financial world. For traders, the choice of a Forex broker is a decisive factor in their journey. It’s not just about finding a platform to execute trades; it’s about partnering with an entity that aligns with your trading goals, ethics, and needs. The right Forex broker can significantly impact your trading efficiency and success.

For Forex traders, CedarFX emerges as a unique and forward-thinking broker. Registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, CedarFX offers more than just a platform for trading. It breaks the mold with its commitment to environmental sustainability, setting it apart from its peers. This Forex broker isn’t just about financial gains; it’s about making a positive impact on the planet.

CedarFX stands out as the world’s first eco-friendly Forex broker. It offers clients the opportunity to trade a variety of instruments, including currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, stock indices, shares, and commodities with margin. What makes CedarFX truly distinctive is its socially responsible stance. Each trade goes beyond personal profit, contributing to environmental protection. With options like eco accounts and a 0% commission account, CedarFX caters to a diverse range of trader needs, making it a compelling choice for those looking to trade responsibly and efficiently.

What is CedarFX?

CedarFX is a notable name in the world of Forex trading, distinguishing itself with its commission-free offerings and below-average spreads across a wide range of asset classes. This aspect alone makes it an attractive option for traders looking for cost-effective trading opportunities. Additionally, CedarFX stands out in the realm of cryptocurrencies, offering Contract for Differences (CFDs) on multiple digital currencies, including Ripple, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. This versatility allows traders to engage in the dynamic cryptocurrency market with ease.

One of the most significant features of CedarFX is its adoption of MetaTrader 4 (MT4) as its trading platform. MT4 is renowned for its user-friendliness and flexibility, making it a favorite among both novice and advanced traders. Unlike some brokers that rely on proprietary platforms, CedarFX’s choice of MT4 reflects a commitment to providing an accessible and high-quality trading experience. This aspect is particularly beneficial for those who are just beginning their Forex trading journey.

Moreover, CedarFX offers a robust set of tools to aid in trading decisions. Traders have access to over 30 different technical indicators, including popular options like the Relative Strength Index and Bollinger Bands. These tools are invaluable for analyzing market trends and making informed trading decisions. The platform also supports various order types, including market orders and different kinds of loss orders. For those seeking a reliable and versatile trading environment, CedarFX provides an inclusive space with features catering to both new and experienced traders in the Forex market.

Benefits of Trading with CedarFX

As a Forex expert and blogger, I’ve had the opportunity to trade with various brokers, and my experience with CedarFX stands out for several reasons. First and foremost, the low minimum deposit of just $10 makes CedarFX highly accessible. This low entry barrier is ideal for beginners or those cautious about investing large sums from the outset.

Another key benefit is the tight floating spreads, starting as low as 0.6 pips. This competitive spread structure is crucial for traders looking to maximize their profits while minimizing costs on trades. It’s a significant advantage, especially when trading in highly volatile markets.

CedarFX’s use of the classic MetaTrader 4 platform is a standout feature. The MT4 platform is known for its reliability and comprehensive features. It’s available in mobile, desktop, and browser versions, offering flexibility and convenience for trading on the go or from the comfort of home.

I particularly appreciate the no restrictions on trading strategies and styles. This freedom allows traders to employ various techniques, from scalping to long-term strategies, without limitations. It’s an essential factor for traders who rely on flexibility and adaptability in their trading approach.

Lastly, the availability of high leverage is a significant advantage. While it increases the risk, it also amplifies the potential for higher profits. It’s particularly beneficial for experienced traders who understand how to manage risk effectively. In conclusion, trading with CedarFX has provided me with a blend of low-cost entry, flexible trading options, and the potential for high returns, making it a compelling choice in the Forex market.

CedarFX Regulation and Safety

In my experience, understanding the regulatory status and safety measures of a Forex broker is crucial. This knowledge not only affects your trading experience but also impacts the security of your investments. CedarFX operates under the trading name of Cedar LLC and is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, adhering to the financial regulations of that country.

However, it’s important to note that CedarFX is an unregulated broker. This means that while they operate legally, they do not fall under the oversight of a regulatory financial authority. For traders, this has significant implications. Any disputes or issues that arise are handled internally by CedarFX, without the intervention of an independent third party. This aspect of CedarFX’s operation is vital to understand for anyone considering trading with them.

In their service agreement, CedarFX commits to addressing and resolving all complaints within 30 days of receipt. As a trader, I find this assurance important, though it’s worth noting that the lack of regulatory oversight might be a concern for some. Each trader must weigh the potential benefits of trading with CedarFX against the risks associated with using an unregulated broker. This understanding is essential for making informed and secure trading decisions in the Forex market.

CedarFX Pros and Cons


  • Multiple assets and forex pairs available
  • Same-day Bitcoin withdrawals
  • No minimum deposit or withdrawal fees
  • Tiered leverage for increased exposure with low deposit


  • Only Bitcoin withdrawals offered
  • CedarFX is not regulated
  • Absence of training, analytics, and recommendations for both new and seasoned traders

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CedarFX Customer Reviews

CedarFX currently holds a 4.7-star rating on Trustpilot, reflecting a mix of customer experiences. Some users praise the broker for its Eco account initiative, viewing it as a way to trade with a conscience, highlighting the importance of environmental responsibility in trading. Another positive aspect noted by customers is the variety of trading options available at CedarFX, which reduces the need to use multiple brokers.

However, not all feedback is positive. There are instances where clients have faced issues, particularly regarding account management and withdrawal processes. One such case involved a client whose account was closed following a period of successful trading and an attempt to withdraw funds after a significant win. The client reported delays in communication from CedarFX and a lack of clarity regarding the timeline for resolving the issue. This kind of experience underscores the importance of understanding a broker’s customer support and withdrawal processes before engaging in trading activities.

CedarFX Spreads, Fees, and Commissions

In my experience as a Forex trader, understanding a broker’s spreads, fees, and commissions is vital for making informed trading decisions. CedarFX offers a 0% commission account, a feature that immediately stands out. This means there are no charges on trades, providing a cost-effective trading experience. Additionally, the absence of a minimum deposit or withdrawal requirement adds to the flexibility and accessibility of the platform.

CedarFX also stands out for its Bitcoin funding option, which comes without any hidden charges. This transparency is crucial for traders who prefer using cryptocurrencies for their transactions. The straightforward approach to fees and commissions is a significant advantage for those looking to manage their trading costs effectively.

One unique aspect of CedarFX is its eco account. This option aligns financial trading with environmental consciousness. For each trade made through the eco account, CedarFX charges a commission of $1, which is then donated to an ecological organization committed to tree planting and carbon elimination. This initiative, which has already resulted in the planting of over 111,000 trees, adds a meaningful dimension to trading by contributing to environmental conservation.

While CedarFX doesn’t enforce an official minimum deposit for account storage, it does have different minimums for initial deposits. For Bitcoin, the minimum deposit is around $10, whereas for other payment methods, it’s set at $50. This variation in deposit requirements offers flexibility, catering to different preferences and financial capacities of traders.

Account Types

I’ve personally tested and analyzed the trading account types offered by CedarFX. CedarFX provides two distinct types of trading accounts, each with its unique features. Both account types offer the same spreads, leverage, and minimum deposit requirements, as well as access to identical trading instruments. However, they differ in terms of the additional fees charged per traded lot. Importantly, clients have the flexibility to open an unlimited number of accounts of both types.

  • 0% Commission Account: This account operates on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. The key feature here is that traders only incur costs through floating spreads, with no additional trading fees. It’s an excellent choice for those who prefer straightforward, low-cost trading without extra commissions.
  • Eco Account: Tailored for socially responsible traders, the Eco Account introduces an additional fee structure with an environmental focus. For every traded lot, there is a $1 charge added to the usual spreads. This fee is then donated to Ecologi, a British initiative committed to planting trees and supporting global carbon reduction projects. The Eco Account is ideal for traders who wish to align their financial activities with environmental sustainability.

These account options reflect CedarFX’s commitment to catering to a diverse range of trader preferences, whether it’s for cost-efficiency or environmental responsibility.

How to Open Your Account

  1. Visit the CedarFX website and click on the “Open Live Account” button on the main page or the “Sign Up” button at the top of any page to begin registration.
  2. Fill out the registration form with your personal details, including first and last names, date of birth, email address, and gender.
  3. Create a secure password for your account and enter it twice to ensure protection from unauthorized access.
  4. Check your email for a confirmation message from CedarFX and follow the instructions to verify your email address.
  5. After email verification, return to the CedarFX website to log in.
  6. Use your email address and the password you created to sign in to your new CedarFX account.
  7. Follow any additional instructions provided by CedarFX to complete the setup of your account.
  8. Once signed in, you can explore the platform, set up your trading preferences, and begin your trading journey with CedarFX.

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CedarFX Trading Platforms

CedarFX primarily utilizes the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform for its trading activities. MT4 is widely recognized in the trading community for its reliability and comprehensive range of features. Its user-friendly interface makes it suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.

What Can You Trade on CedarFX

The broker provides an extensive selection, catering to diverse trading interests. They offer a total of 55 currency pairs, including major, minor, exotic, and cross rates. This variety allows traders to engage in the Forex market comprehensively, exploring different currency dynamics.

CedarFX also delves into the growing field of cryptocurrencies, offering 35 cryptocurrency pairs. This is a significant feature for traders interested in digital currency markets. Additionally, the platform includes 64 stocks11 indices, along with a variety of commodities and precious metals. This wide array of trading instruments ensures that traders have access to multiple markets under one platform.

CedarFX Customer Support

Based on my experience, CedarFX offers a range of options for customer support, ensuring that traders can easily access assistance when needed. One of the most convenient methods is the live chat feature. This tool is particularly useful for quick queries or issues, providing real-time responses and immediate support.

For more detailed inquiries or when documentation is required, email support is available. This method is beneficial for resolving complex issues or when a record of the communication is needed. Additionally, CedarFX offers a callback service. This option is ideal for those who prefer speaking directly with a support representative.

CedarFX also extends its customer service to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This approach not only broadens the accessibility of support but also reflects the broker’s commitment to engaging with its clients through contemporary, user-friendly channels. As a trader, I have found these diverse support options to be a significant aspect of my overall trading experience with CedarFX.

Advantages and Disadvantages of CedarFX Customer Support

Withdrawal Options and Fees

CedarFX offers a unique approach to withdrawals, processing them exclusively in Bitcoins. This method aligns with the growing trend of cryptocurrency use in financial transactions.

The efficiency of CedarFX’s withdrawal process is noteworthy. Once a withdrawal request is submitted through the trader’s user account, it’s typically processed within 24 hours. However, the actual time taken for the cryptocurrency to be credited to the crypto wallet may vary, depending on blockchain traffic. This is a common factor in cryptocurrency transactions and something to keep in mind.

CedarFX sets a minimum withdrawal amount of $10, which is relatively low and accessible for most traders. Impressively, there is no upper limit on the withdrawal amount, offering great flexibility for traders with larger balances. Additionally, CedarFX does not charge any fees for withdrawals, making it a cost-effective option for traders looking to withdraw their profits. This fee-free approach to withdrawals is a significant advantage and enhances the overall trading experience with CedarFX.

CedarFX Vs Other Brokers

#1. CedarFX vs AvaTrade

CedarFX and AvaTrade differ significantly in their offerings and regulatory status. CedarFX is known for its eco-friendly approach and Bitcoin-based transactions, with a focus on cryptocurrency trading. AvaTrade, on the other hand, has been around since 2006 and is heavily regulated, offering a wide range of over 1,250 financial instruments. AvaTrade’s strong regulatory framework and diverse asset offerings make it a more suitable choice for traders seeking a regulated environment and extensive trading options. 

Verdict: AvaTrade is better for those seeking a diverse, regulated trading environment.

#2. CedarFX vs RoboForex

RoboForex, operating since 2009 under FSC regulation, offers a wide array of over 12,000 trading options across eight asset classes, catering to a diverse range of traders. In contrast, CedarFX stands out for its Bitcoin withdrawal options and eco-conscious trading approach. RoboForex’s extensive asset offerings and regulatory compliance give it an edge, especially for traders seeking a robust platform with varied trading instruments. 

Verdict: RoboForex is preferable for traders looking for a wide selection of assets and a regulated trading environment.

#3. CedarFX vs Exness

Exness, established in 2008, provides a broad spectrum of more than 120 currency pairings, including CFDs for stocks, energy, and metals, with a significant monthly trading volume. CedarFX, while offering eco-friendly accounts and Bitcoin transactions, lacks the extensive asset variety of Exness. Exness’s high trading volume, diverse asset offerings, and tailored account options make it a more appealing choice for traders seeking a comprehensive trading platform. 

Verdict: Exness is the better option for those who prioritize a wide range of trading instruments and substantial trading volumes.

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Conclusion: CedarFX Review

Based on my insights and user feedback, CedarFX emerges as a unique player in the Forex market, particularly appealing to those who value environmental responsibility and cryptocurrency-based transactions. Its eco-friendly initiatives, like the Eco Account that contributes to global reforestation efforts, set it apart from traditional brokers. The broker’s commitment to offering 0% commission accounts, alongside a variety of trading instruments, makes it an attractive choice for traders seeking cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

However, it is important to approach CedarFX with caution due to its unregulated status. While the broker operates legally and offers innovative trading solutions, the lack of regulatory oversight might be a concern for some traders. Additionally, the exclusive reliance on Bitcoin for withdrawals could be limiting for those who prefer more traditional withdrawal methods.

CedarFX Review: FAQs

What is the minimum deposit for CedarFX?

The minimum deposit at CedarFX is $10, making it accessible for beginners or those looking to start with a small investment.

Does CedarFX offer different types of trading accounts?

Yes, CedarFX offers two types of accounts: a 0% Commission Account for cost-effective trading and an Eco Account for traders who wish to contribute to environmental initiatives.

Can I withdraw my profits in currencies other than Bitcoin with CedarFX?

No, CedarFX currently processes withdrawals exclusively in Bitcoin, limiting withdrawal options to this cryptocurrency only.


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