Worldcoin breaks into massive rally, climbs 25% overnight as OpenAI unveils Sora



  • Worldcoin WLD price rallied over 25% on Friday as parent OpenAI unveils its text to video tool Sora. 
  • OpenAI has released the tool to experts in misinformation, hateful content and bias before a public rollout. 
  • The text to video tool has generated hype across social media platforms and likely catalyzed double-digit gains for WLD. 

OpenAI’s Worldcoin project’s WLD token has climbed over 25% in the past 24 hours. OpenAI unveiled its text to video tool in a series of tweets on X. CEO Sam Altman dropped the details on X, fueling anticipation among market participants and likely catalyzing gains in WLD. 

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OpenAI announcement sends WLD price rallying

US-based artificial intelligence research organization OpenAI unveiled their text to video AI model, Sora, that creates realistic and imaginative scenes from instructions. Sam Altman announced this through a tweet on X. 

The video generation tool is currently open for access by OpenAI’s red team members, experts on topics like misinformation, hateful content and bias. The organization is likely to offer Sora to the general public in a future release, similar to DALL.E.3.

OpenAI is the parent organization of Worldcoin. Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, is the founder of the WLD project as well. These close ties to the organization are likely the driving force behind WLD price rally on Friday. 

WLD price climbed nearly 25% in the past 24 hours. WLD hit a high of $4.438 on Friday. The token’s gains are likely catalyzed by market participants’ anticipation of further development in Worldcoin and a response to Sora’s release. 


WLD/USDT 1-day chart


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