Hits and Misses – ‘The Idea Lab’ – Jan. 2024

Hey there, check out these before-and-after charts of ideas shared on the The Idea Lab channel!


We're gonna spill the beans on the best and worst performers, but these are just a few highlights from the many ideas shared on the channel.

So, when you look at those charts, try to put yourself in the shoes of the traders who spotted these ideas. What were they thinking when they spotted the opportunity? How did they react to the chart and stock movement after that? It's a fantastic learning experience !!

Happy charting and good luck with your trades!

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First the HITS

Max India


Dynamatic Technologies


Hind Petro


Munjal Showa


Endurance Tech


AIA Engineering


IFB Industries


Maharashtra Bank


5 Paisa Capital


Heritage Foods


Dodla Dairy


Coastal Corp


Filatex India


TV18 Broadcast


Prime Focus Limited

Now the MISSES

Laxmi Organics


Zim Labs


Rushil Decor


IDFC Limited


Quess Corp


Ultramarine Pigments


Nuvoco Vistas




Old Threads on Hits and Misses !!

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