Interesting Market Insights !! – 1) Who’s holding the fort at HDFC Bank? 2) Nifty 50: A Heavyweight Headache? 3) Who’s made the most of the PSU Rally?


In today’s post, we’re serving up three bite-sized facts:

  1. Who’s holding the fort at HDFC Bank?
  2. Nifty 50: A Heavyweight Headache?
  3. Who’s made the most of the PSU Rally?

Power Players in HDFC Bank! Who is holding the Fort?

The largest institutional shareholder is SBI Nifty50 ETF with 5.57% of Equity

This ETF is now almost 1.7 lakh cr. !!

Next is LIC of India at 5.19% (increasing every quarter)

Dec’23 SHP of HDFC BankFII @ 52.31%, DII @ 30.54%, Retail @ 16.98%.

Let’s see how this shapes a few quarters down the line!


Nifty50 – The Sleeping Heavyweights Problem !!

Nifty50 Equalweight a nice smooth trend in this Financial Year.

Up 45% this FY

Nifty50 –  Heavies Struggle. #Hritik.

Up 30% this FY

HRITIK stands for – HDFC Bank, Reliance Industries, Infosys, TCS, HDFC, ICICI Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank.

These 6 Nifty heavyweights account for 39.6 percent of the index weightage


PSE Rally – From Bail Out to Sell Out.

The Biggest Beneficiary has been LIC of India

Hindustan Aeronautics – Bailing out the IPO to 14.5% of Equity. Getting the huge dividends and now selling out.

Left with 1.59% of Equity.

Similar story in many PSE.


Hope you found these market insights interesting !!

Keep exploring and stay curious!

See you next time for more captivating bites from the financial world.


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