Setting the Stage: World Indices Setup for 2024

World Indices setup for 2024

AEX – Netherlands


ASX All – Australia


ASX 200 – Australia


Cac 40 – France


Ftse MIB – Italy








WIG 20 – Poland


Bovespa – Brazil








Nikkei 225 – Japan


Dow Jones – USA


Nasdaq 100 – USA


Russel 2000 – USA


S&P 500 – USA


Shangai Composite – China


Dollar Index (DXY)


Nifty 50 – India



Global stock markets are close to reaching new all-time highs after a period of long consolidation, suggesting a setup for a positive trend in 2024.

The recent pause in rising interest rates and the expectation of a soft landing indicate a favorable environment for ongoing growth and receding inflationary trends

A Bull Market now or after some consolidation is imminent for Indian markets given the global setup

However, we should be a bit cautious regarding global issues like any geo-political or ongoing war situation that could change the situation.

Keeping an eye on the above charts, one should continually monitor how does things progress !!!



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