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FX Orders Indicator Review

In the dynamic world of Forex trading, staying ahead of the curve is imperative. Traders are always on the lookout for innovative tools and indicators that can enhance their decision-making processes. In this quest for excellence, the FX Orders Indicator emerges as a game-changer, promising unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

FX Orders Indicator Accuracy Unveiled:

The cornerstone of any trading tool lies in its accuracy, and the FX Orders Indicator stands tall in this regard. Through rigorous testing, including a non-martingale strategy with an impressive 12/11 win ratio, this indicator has proven its mettle. The backtest on major currency pairs, such as EUR/AUD and GBP/USD, underlines its efficacy in real market conditions.

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The development of the Orders Indicator has been a meticulous process, spanning four months. A team of experts dedicated their efforts to testing over 1000 strategies, ultimately distilling their findings into a singular powerhouse indicator – the FX Orders Indicator.

Technical Specifications

Version: 2.0

Terminal: MT4

Year of issue: 2023

Working pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD 

Recommended timeframe:  M1,M5

Minimum Deposit: $100

Best Brokers List

FX Orders Indicator works with any broker and any type of account, but we recommend our clients use one of the top forex brokers listed below:

FX Orders Indicator Settings

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Key Features of FX Orders :

  1. Non-Repainting and Non-Lagging: The FX Orders Indicator prides itself on being a non-repainting and non-lagging tool, providing traders with real-time and reliable market insights.
  2. Highly Accurate System: Backed by extensive testing, the Orders Indicator has earned its reputation as a highly accurate system, minimizing the risk associated with market fluctuations.
  3. Configurable Settings for Tailored Trading:
    • Audible Alerts: Stay informed with audible alerts, keeping you updated on crucial market movements.
    • Push Notifications: Receive real-time updates on your mobile device, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.
    • Trading Settings: Customizable settings including Expiry Minutes, Martingale Steps, and Trade Amount empower traders to adapt the indicator to their preferred trading style.
  4. Configuration Options:
    • Config_PP: PricePro settings for precision in price analysis.
    • Config_B2IQ: Tailor the indicator to your specific trading style with options like Modalidade, VPS1, NomeEstategia.
    • Config_MX2: MX2Trading settings for enhanced flexibility.
    • Config_BotPro: BotPro configurations for a seamless trading experience.
    • Config_MT2: M12 settings, Maringale Type, and Martingale Coefficient for fine-tuning the indicator.


In a world where the Forex market's landscape is constantly evolving, the Orders Indicator emerges as a beacon of reliability. Its non-repainting, non-lagging nature, coupled with a meticulous development process and configurable settings, positions it as a must-have tool in every trader's arsenal. Elevate your trading experience with the FX Orders Indicator – where precision meets profitability.

Download FX Orders Indicator

Please try for at least a week an ICMarket demo account. Also, familiarize yourself with and understand how this free forex Tool works before using it on a live account.

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