(NFLX) Netflix stock Forecast for 2024, 2025-2026 and Beyond


As a titan in the streaming industry, Netflix, Inc. (NFLX) has revolutionized how we consume media, evolving from a DVD rental service to a global streaming giant. With its vast content library and continued expansion into original programming, Netflix has been a subject of keen interest in the stock market.

This article will delve into the Netflix stock forecast for 2024, 2025-2026, and beyond, offering a comprehensive analysis for investors and enthusiasts alike.

The article covers the following subjects:

Main takeaways: (NFLX) Netflix stock Forecast 2024-2029

  • Today, NFLX trades around $601.49.  
  • Looking ahead to 2024, the forecast ranges from $512 to $632, reflecting steady growth.
  • For 2025, Gov.Capital indicates significant long-term appreciation, while CoinPrice predicts a rise to $700, continuing an optimistic trajectory. Beyond 2025, specifics are limited, but the outlook remains positive.
  • Overall, forecasts remain bullish on Netflix’s growth prospects, underpinned by its market dominance, subscriber loyalty, and ongoing content and technology developments. However, realizing the highest targets depends on addressing risks like competition, regulation, and market saturation.

Netflix stock Price Today Coming Days and Week

When analyzing the price of Netflix (NFLX) stock for the short term, consider these technical analysis tools:

  • Moving Averages: Use short-term moving averages (such as 5-day and 10-day) to track the trend direction. Moving average crossovers can indicate potential buying or selling opportunities.
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI): The RSI helps identify overbought (above 70) or oversold (below 30) conditions, which may signal an impending price reversal.
  • MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence): Monitor the MACD for changes in momentum, especially when the MACD line crosses above or below the signal line, suggesting entry or exit points.
  • Bollinger Bands: These bands can indicate market volatility. Price touching or breaking through the bands could signal overextended market conditions, potentially leading to price corrections.
  • Volume Analysis: Analyze trading volume to confirm the strength behind price movements. Increasing volume alongside price movements indicates strong market interest.
  • Candlestick Patterns: Look for specific short-term candlestick patterns (e.g., hammers, engulfing patterns, dojis) that may suggest future price movements and investor sentiment.
  • Support and Resistance Levels: Identify key support and resistance levels through recent price highs and lows. These levels can act as barriers or targets for the stock’s price movements.

When forecasting the weekly price of Netflix Inc. stock, consider these important factors:

  • Earnings Reports and Financial Updates: Pay close attention to any upcoming earnings reports or financial updates from Netflix, as these can significantly influence stock prices based on performance and future outlook.
  • Industry Trends: Analyze trends within the streaming and entertainment industry, including competitor moves, content acquisition strategies, and subscriber growth, as these can impact Netflix’s market position and investor sentiment.
  • Market Sentiment: Gauge overall market sentiment towards Netflix by reviewing analyst ratings, media coverage, and investment research reports, which can provide insights into potential stock movements.
  • Technical Analysis: Utilize technical analysis tools such as Moving Averages for trend analysis, RSI to assess overbought or oversold conditions, and MACD to identify momentum shifts. Also, consider chart patterns and support/resistance levels.
  • Regulatory News: Stay informed about any regulatory developments that could affect Netflix, especially those related to digital content, streaming services, and internet regulations, as they can have implications for business operations and costs.
  • Global Events: Consider the impact of global events, such as geopolitical tensions or economic changes, on consumer spending habits and entertainment consumption, which can affect Netflix’s subscriber growth and revenue.
  • Company News: Monitor any company-specific news, such as announcements of new series, partnerships, international expansion efforts, or changes in pricing strategies, as these can directly influence investor perceptions and the stock’s value.

By taking these factors into account, you can gain a more comprehensive perspective on the potential price movement of Netflix’s stock over the coming week.

Analysts’ (NFLX) Netflix stock Projections for 2024

Let’s take a look at expert forecasts for the NFLX rate in 2024.

Gov.Capital (NFLX) Netflix stock Forecast for 2024

According to the forecast provided by Gov Capital, Netflix stock price will fluctuate in the range around $399–$464 throughout 2024.

Month Regular Least possible price Best possible price
March 457.586 388.9481 526.2239
April 472.220 401.387 543.053
May 430.554 365.9709 495.1371
June 450.848  383.2208 518.4752
July 476.082 404.6697 547.4943
August 485.231 412.44635 558.01565
September 511.998 435.1983 588.7977
October 521.501 443.27585 599.72615
November 595.889 506.50565 685.27235
December 593.571 504.53535 682.60665


CoinPrice (NFLX) Netflix stock Forecast for 2024 

According to Coin Price Forecast prediction, NFLX stock price will follow a positive trend in 2024.

Year NFLX price in the Mid-Year NFLX price in the Year-End Tod/End,%
2024 $522 $644 +35%

(NFLX) Netflix stock Technical analysis

Netflix is a subscription-based video streaming service. Its stock (NFLX stock code) trades on the NASDAQ exchange. You can choose various time frames, instruments, and indicators to analyze the NFLX stock based on your strategy and goals.

For example, long-term investors usually choose daily, weekly, or monthly time frames with trend lines, support/resistance levels, channels, and patterns. They can also use MA indicators, MACD, RSI, ADX, and others.

Medium-term investors would rather pick hourly, four-hour, or daily charts with Fibonacci levels, Pivot points, Elliott waves, etc. Stochastic indicators, CCI, and Bollinger Bands will also come in handy.

Short-term strategies imply using 5-minute, 15-minute, and 30-minute charts with candlestick patterns, volume indicators, spreads, and Price Action. Bill Williams’ Oscillator, Parabolic SAR, Ichimoku Cloud, and others have also proven useful.

To analyze Netflix’s stock, we need to consider fundamental factors, such as financial performance, news, and competition, as well as the sentiment and trends of the tech and services markets.

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#NFLX Stock Forecast For Next Three Months

Let’s use the MACD indicator to conduct a technical analysis of Netflix Inc.’s stock for the next three months.

The crossover of the MACD violet line and the signal orange lines indicates a change in market sentiment. As shown in the picture, the MACD fast line crosses the signal line from below to above. The price is moving upwards. The indicator’s lines converge, indicating a temporary price consolidation before a probable trend reversal or correction.

Based on the patterns formed on the crossovers, we can expect a downward correction to the price of 480 in the nearest month; then, the price will consolidate in a local channel from mid-March till the end of March. Next, the asset will continue moving in the main uptrend to 550-600. Then, a 10% price fall is expected on the back of the Board of Directors’ financial reporting in mid-April. 

It’s recommended to go short from the end of February till mid-March, then abstain from trading and go long three days before financial statements are released.

Long-Term Netflix Shares Technical Analysis for 2024

We’ll use the Ichimoku indicator to conduct a technical analysis for Q2-Q4, 2024.

I have laid the Ichimoku trend indicator over the chart, and we can see the following picture:

  • The green Tenkan-Sen line is above the Kijun-Sen line;
  • the lines are horizontal and located above the cloud;
  • the yellow Chikou Span is moving above the asset’s price, indicating an uptrend.

Despite potential corrections of the uptrend, it’s recommended to open long trades from 570 with Take Profit at the Chikou Span’s previous high, 690, and Stop Loss at Tenkan-Sen, 520. If the price falls below the Stop Loss level, it is recommended to set a Buy Limit order at 470, with Take Profit remaining at 690. Upon reaching Take Profit, we can either go short until the end of the year with an entry at 700 or refrain from trading until the release of financial statements for Q4.

Please find below a table with projected minimum and maximum prices for NETFLIX’s stock in 2024. The pivot levels determined by the Ichimoku indicator have been used for that purpose.

Month Netflix Inc. (#NFLX) projected values
Minimum Maximum
March 2024 478 494
April 2024 554 601
May 2024 597 621
June 2024 613 623
July 2024 588 605
August 2024 602 632
September 2024 543 587
October 2024 521 555
November 2024 567 596
December 2024 582 609

Long-term trading plan for Netflix Inc. (#NFLX)

Based on the performed technical analysis and the general market state, we can conclude that investing in #NFLX is a good idea. The price is breaking through the maximum values of 2020.

  • It is recommended to set a buy target in the range of $540-$545 in the next three months amid an expected consolidation.
  • In the summer, it is better to hold a long position or buy 20-30% of the existing position and then exit at $620-630.
  • The apparent uptrend suggests the price may reach the November 2021 all-time high of $700.
  • If bears have turned out as a prevailing force by mid-2024, this will be a signal for long-term scalping, in which short positions lasting 1-2 days will prevail.

This plan is advisory. Netflix’s stock is highly volatile due to the high competition in the streaming services market, changes in consumer behaviors, regulatory risks, and general market volatility. It’s always necessary to conduct technical and fundamental analysis before making trading decisions.

(NFLX) Netflix stock Forecast for 2025

Let’s take a look at expert forecasts for the NFLX rate in 2025.

Gov.Capital (NFLX) Netflix stock Forecast for 2025 

According to Gov.Capital, in 2025, Netflix’s stock price will be volatile, ranging from a low of $570 to a high of $948 per share over the year. Prices will peak in late summer before declining through fall and early winter. A recovery is expected in late 2025, with the stock potentially closing the year around $948 per share after turbulence early on. Overall, unpredictability in Netflix’s stock value is anticipated through 2025’s ups and downs.

CoinPrice (NFLX) Netflix stock Forecast for 2025 

CoinPrice predicts Netflix stock to reach $750 by the end of 2025.

Year Mid-Year Year-End Tod/End,%
2025 $689 $750 +57%

Long-Term (NFLX) Netflix stock Forecast for 2026

Let’s take a look at expert forecasts for the NFLX rate in 2026.

Gov.Capital (NFLX) Netflix stock Forecast for 2026 

According to Gov Capital, in 2026, Netflix’s share price will be highly volatile, potentially ranging from $948 to $1553 over the year. Prices could peak by late fall before declining through winter. A recovery is predicted in late 2026, with the stock closing around $1553 after turbulence early on. Netflix’s valuation is expected to remain unstable throughout 2026’s up-and-down movements.

CoinPrice (NFLX) Netflix stock Forecast for 2026

CoinPrice indicates a bullish trend, with the stock price expected to rise steadily, reaching $895 by year’s end. This prediction underlines a strong confidence in Netflix’s potential for sustained growth and market dominance.

Year Mid-Year Year-End Tod/End,%
2026 $875 $895 +87%

Long-Term (NFLX) Netflix stock Forecast for 2027–2028

Let’s take a look at expert forecasts for the NFLX rate in 2027–2028.

Gov.Capital (NFLX) Netflix stock Forecast for 2027–2028

Gov Capital‘s forecast for the start of 2027 shows a price ranging between $1,300 and $2.085 The wide range suggests a volatile but generally bullish outlook for Netflix’s stock. Moving into 2028, Gov Capital projects a bullish and optimistic projection, with the price at the beginning of the year ranging between $1,949.8048 and $2,637.9712. This ambitious forecast reflects a belief in Netflix’s enduring appeal and successful adaptation to future entertainment trends. 

CoinPrice (NFLX) Netflix stock Forecast for 2027–2028

The CoinPrice analysts predict a significant NFLX rate increase to $1,124 by the end of 2027. This projection is part of a continued bullish trend reflecting positive expectations for Netflix’s sustained growth. The agency’s optimistic view extends into 2028, with a predicted increase to $1,275 by year-end.

Year Mid-Year Year-End Tod/End,%
2027 $1,010 $1,124 +135%
2028 $1,170 $1,275 +167%

Recent Price History of the (NFLX) Netflix stock 

In 2021, Netflix continued to expand and grow, driven by an increase in global subscribers and a broadening of its content library. The year was marked by a buoyant stock performance trend, reflecting the company’s robust business model and ability to capitalize on the increasing demand for streaming content. Moving into 2022, Netflix’s stock experienced more pronounced fluctuations. The company’s growth rate showed signs of slowing, attributed to market saturation and heightened competition from new and existing streaming services.

As of the latest data in 2023, Netflix’s stock appears to be stabilizing and showing signs of recovery. The company has been making strategic moves to diversify its revenue streams, including venturing into gaming and implementing measures to optimize its subscription model.

Throughout these years, the trajectory of Netflix’s stock has reflected its operational successes and challenges, market trends, and the evolving landscape of the entertainment industry. Despite the ups and downs, Netflix continues to be a leading force in the streaming world, adapting and innovating to meet viewers’ changing needs and preferences worldwide.

Which Factors Impact (NFLX) Netflix stock Forecast?

When considering the Netflix stock forecast, several key factors come into play, influencing both the short-term volatility and long-term value of NFLX stock. 

  • Market Trends and Consumer Behavior: Changes in consumer behavior, such as reduced screen time or shifts towards alternative entertainment forms, can impact the demand and, subsequently, the stock price.
  • Competition: The streaming industry is fiercely competitive, with numerous players vying for market share. The entry of new competitors or the aggressive strategies of existing ones like Amazon Prime, Disney+, and HBO can affect Netflix’s market dominance and stock forecast.
  • Content Quality and Production: Netflix’s ability to produce and secure high-quality content is a significant driver of its stock price. Hits series and movies can lead to subscriber growth and retention, positively impacting the stock. Conversely, a lackluster content slate can lead to subscriber churn and a negative outlook for the Netflix stock forecast.
  • Regulatory Changes: Regulatory environments across different countries can influence Netflix’s operations and profitability. Changes in censorship laws, content distribution regulations, or competitive practices can pose challenges or opportunities for Netflix, affecting its stock forecast.
  • Financial Performance: The company’s financial health, including revenue growth, profit margins, and subscriber numbers, is a critical factor. A strong financial performance can lead to a positive Netflix stock forecast, while any signs of weakness might lead to a downward revision in the stock price forecast.
  • Technological Advancements: Content delivery and user experience innovation can significantly impact Netflix’s market position and stock.
  •  Global Expansion and Market Penetration: Netflix’s ability to expand into new markets and increase its subscriber base internationally is a vital factor for its stock price. Success in global markets can lead to higher stock prices, while setbacks or saturation in key markets might dampen the forecast.

Is It Worth Investing in NetflixStock?

The forecast presents a cautiously optimistic outlook when weighing the factors influencing NFLX’s stock price trajectory. Though volatility risks exist, Netflix retains formidable strengths supporting its long-term growth potential. Its industry dominance, global brand power, and ongoing content innovation remain key advantages. Additionally, international expansion and adaptations to evolving consumer demands help future-proof NFLX’s business.

NFLX appears positioned to continue its upward growth, albeit with periodic setbacks. It offers investors exposure to the flourishing streaming sector with manageable risks. Though predicting precise price targets remains speculative, Netflix’s fundamentals and intangibles engender confidence. With prudent portfolio balancing, NFLX offers an appealing technology and entertainment investment for those seeking moderate risk and long-term growth potential.

(NFLX) Netflix stock Forecast FAQ

Price chart of NFLX in real time mode

The content of this article reflects the author’s opinion and does not necessarily reflect the official position of LiteFinance. The material published on this page is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered as the provision of investment advice for the purposes of Directive 2004/39/EC.

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