How Much Money Do Influencers Make? 2024 Salaries Revealed


Switching gears to YouTube, the video-sharing giant offers a whole different ballgame for influencers looking to monetize their content. YouTube has long been a go-to for creators aiming to share more in-depth content and, in turn, rake in some serious dough.

In the United States, the typical payout for YouTube creators in 2022 hovered around $1,154 weekly, breaking down to about $4,616 monthly. Not too shabby, right? But here’s the kicker: content creators pocket roughly 55% of the ad revenue generated from their videos. So, for every $100 an advertiser shells out, Google passes $55 to the creator.

When we zoom in on earnings per view, the numbers get even more interesting. On average, a YouTuber earns about $0.018 per view. This means hitting 1,000 views on a video could net you around $18. While that might not sound like a fortune, consider the scale. Videos that go viral or consistently attract thousands, if not millions, of views, can lead to substantial earnings over time.

So, while YouTube’s pay structure might seem complex at first glance, the platform offers immense potential for creators who build a strong, engaged audience and produce content that keeps viewers coming back for more.

If you want a closer look at YouTubers and the highest earners among them, this How Much Money Do YouTubers Make? (real numbers + HOW it’s done) is the read that you need.


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