AUD Advances: Overview for February 20, 2024 – R Blog


The AUD/USD pair is displaying renewed strength.

The Australian dollar is making gains against the US dollar, with the current AUD/USD exchange rate at 0.6531.

China’s return to its regular activities is contributing to the positive outlook for Australia.

This morning, China took the step of lowering its benchmark mortgage rate to support the housing market, which had been facing a downturn. The financial markets responded positively to this development, leading to an increase in the AUD.

China’s decision regarding the interest rate is part of a series of measures aimed at revitalizing the housing and real estate sectors, which collectively contribute to more than a quarter of China’s GDP. Given the significance of this sector, even with government support, it requires vigilant monitoring to assess potential risks.

Positive developments in China hold particular importance for the AUD, considering China’s role as Australia’s primary trade and economic partner.

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