Octafx Account Opening Process step by step

    1. 1. Visit the signup page, fill it out, and press Open Account or link via your social media profile.
    2. 2. Find our message titled Confirm Your Email Address in your inbox, open it, and press Confirm Email—you will be redirected to our site.
    3. 3. Fill in all the required information and press Continue. Next, finish setting up your trading account, and you’re ready to go.
    1. Log in to your profile.
    2. If you are at your dashboard, select the Create Account option in the Your Accounts section.
    3. Or, scroll down, press Trading Accounts on the menu on the right, and then choose Account List. From there, you can select Open a Real Account or Open a Demo Account.
  • WHAT TYPE OF ACCOUNT SHOULD I CHOOSE?It depends on the preferred trading platform and the trading instruments you want to trade. View account types comparison. You can always open a new account of another type.
  • WHAT LEVERAGE SHOULD I SELECT?You can select 1:1, 1:5, 1:15, 1:25, 1:30, 1:50, 1:100, 1:200 or, 1:500 leverage on MT4 or MT5. Leverage is virtual credit given to the client by the company. Leverage modifies your margin requirements. This means that the higher the ratio, the lower the margin you need to open an order. You can use our trading calculator to choose the appropriate amount of leverage for your account. You can change leverage later in your profile.
  • CAN I OPEN AN ISLAMIC-FRIENDLY ACCOUNT?All of our accounts are Islamic friendly. According to Islamic standards, there is no accumulation, collection, or payment of interest rates.
  • WHERE CAN I FIND YOUR CUSTOMER AGREEMENT?On a dedicated page. Please make sure you’ve read and agreed to our Customer Agreement before you begin trading.
  • I OPENED A TRADING ACCOUNT. WHAT DO I DO NEXT?After opening an account, check your email to find your account credentials. Make sure to save them—you will need these credentials to access the trading terminal.If you’ve already added money into your account, or if you’ve opened a demo account, you can proceed to trading right away—by pressing Trade in your profile or by installing the MetaTrader 5 application for your device. Additionally, you can download our trading app on your smartphone to trade on the go. If you haven’t added money to your real account, check out the list of available payment methods. If you are new to trading, find information on trading in our Education section.

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