Crypto Trading Bots – Do They Work?

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0:00 Intro
1:13 What is a Crypto Bot?
2:12 Going over all My Bots
4:40 Moon Bot (favorite)
6:24 Setting up Grid trading bot
9:23 Tips & Strategy
11:39 Pionex Legit?

All opinions expressed in the video and this description are for entertainment only. You should consult a licensed professional before buying any cryptocurrency or digital assets. Everything in this YouTube channel is for entertainment only.


23 thoughts on “Crypto Trading Bots – Do They Work?”

  1. Thanks Eddie – I had a trading bot running on Pionex but it didn't perform so well but did manage to break even. I may have another go after watching this. Great content as always ???

  2. it's tough when the market crashes tho, i set up the bot when ETH price around 3800, and now it's been stopped for a long time. Any Advice?

  3. Hi Eddie another great video with Awesome honesty about past bots making a loss. Here in the U.K. Ethereum is about £1500 atm is it possible with one of these Pionex bots to make it only buy at certain prices. Example set it for selling at £1600 buy at £1400. Instead of bot buy 0.1% rise sell at -0.2 etc all these unnecessary buying and paying fees to them. Is this possible? I feel these bots buy and sell a lot of ups and downs and only cancel each one out. Thank you

  4. I used your link to sign up just have to fund my Bot in which I will be doing in a couple of days thanks so much for the insightful information
    I do appreciate it for a first time would you recommend a stop-arbitrage Bot

  5. Hello, I am a marketing agent for coinpark. We have been following your YouTube account for a long time. If you are interested in learning more, please get back to me.

  6. With all the transactions these bots create over time, how do you handle the taxes? My understanding is that Pionex will send you a cvs file if you specifically request it. Is there a tax s/w package that you use to simplify tax reporting at year end?

  7. So what happens to these micro buy ins the bot has done if the market drops and the 7-30-90 day timer comes around, does the new bot remember them and sell accordingly or is that a loss you carry forward?

  8. Ironic you mention Celcius and as I Google it, it's went bankrupt 12 hours ago! $12B in assets and $8B lent out. I bet no one goes to jail. Wallstreet banking:(

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