I Built A Crypto Trading Bot And Gave It $1000 To Trade!

I Coded A Crypto Trading Bot And Gave It $1000 To Trade!
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In this video I make a cryptocurrency trading bot and hand it a $1000 dollars and leave it to trade that unsupervised for a week.

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45 thoughts on “I Built A Crypto Trading Bot And Gave It $1000 To Trade!”

  1. In tradingview theres a whole bunch of simple strategies like this that be tested with the inbuilt strategy tester. Most of them perform terribly. If its not taking larger profits on winning trades than on losses on losing trades on average then it will kill the account over time. Programming how the trade exits is vital, its a balancing act since making it limit your downside also tends to kick you out of trades that would have been profitable, while trying to give trades more breathing room can make your losses much larger.

  2. I’ve been actively involved in the crypto space for 6 months and I can tell that the volatility in the crypto space is very high and there are high chances of you losing your asset if your trades and investments are not properly managed. My trading account is been managed be Mark Maxwell and I’ve made over 34 Bitcoin in the past 2 quarters of the year.

  3. how about:
    making a mathematical function that imitates how cryptos change (like perlin noise) while being chaotic
    and train the bot on it to see how to improve it ?

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  5. Cool! I really admire your strategy but I prefer working with a professional trade analyst and this is because you can actually communicate with him. Ever since I began working with Zachary who is a well renowned trade analyst, I’ve been able to raise enough money (about $2k on daily basis) to make sure I and my family are good in these troubled times. Great piece!

  6. A successful life is all about the positive moves we take in life, I thank God for giving me the best broker, bitcoin has changed zeros to heroes and made a lot of people millionaires.

  7. To be successful,  you need to make plans and work towards them. Investing is still the smartest way to prepare for the unexpected. I have been investing consistently for 6 years and I am extremely pleased with the returns. For anyone who wants to start; The good news is – it's never late to start…

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