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USDCAD: USDCAD pairs create the buy trend in the market. As the pair makes the buy zone in the market, the market creates bullish zone in market and leads towards upside gain towards the market. The market makes the buy towards end channel in the market as in the hourly chart market is in certain consolidation phase but the buy chances are highly preference able in the market. Odds are towards the favors of the buy market. The pair is above all the major and minor EMA, SMA lines. We can accept that pair will break the level 1.3680 after that we can see strong bullish side in the market.

CHFJPY: The pair is under strong consolidation view in the market , the pair makes the range bound kind of position in the market, On the hourly chart market makes the swings in the rounding bottom type , we can see in the market yesterday that its sudden of reverse in path as not  able to find certain path in the market , on the 4 hourly chart we can see that market makes facing difficulties to reach level 146.50 in the market as it felt kind off pull back in the market, the market makes the bulls to show its force in the market, as the traders create kind of buying pressure in the market , the strong 200 and 50 level line supporting the market also.

EURUSD: EURUSD pair creates the selling signals in the market. The market makes downside momentum in the market and creates the bearish signals in the market. On the hourly chart the market creates downside in the market, small falling side are formed level till level 1.0380, the market is start showing its potential move tows the south side, as the momentum it’s not yet confirmed but today we can analysis that if market is in range bound situation market sit after breakout of 1.0420 in south side  in the market, the RSI is also sit towards the below 50 level and creates the downside momentum in the market.

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